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Welcome to the website for Caring Community Ministry Education (CCME). It is my hope that on this website you will learn how this ministry can assist individuals in their growth as pastoral caregivers as well as institutions as they desire to better serve the holistic and spiritual needs of their patients/clients.

This ministry is based upon the proven educational and developmental principles of Clinical Pastoral Education (CPE). By combining hands-on learning opportunities with the rigor of theological reflection, CPE has helped to train thousands of ministers, rabbis, chaplains and other pastoral caregivers to support people in change and crisis.

In addition, with programs at hundreds of caring institutions around the world, CPE has made it possible for these institutions to extend both their patient support network and their pastoral care dollars through the placement of supervised CPE students.

CCME, accredited by ACPE, Inc. is an independent CPE center that establishes contracts with sites and service organizations for placement of CPE students.

Both students seeking Clinical Pastoral Education through ACPE and institutions desiring to expand their support system can find valuable information here (see “Students” and “Institutions.”)

I look forward to speaking with you personally so that a program may be developed to meet your or your institution’s specific needs. Begin planning your new growth opportunity now!

Rev. Jan Humphreys, D.Min., Certified ACPE Supervisor