Clinical Pastoral Education (CPE) began in hospitals as a means to teach pastoral care and counseling skills to clergy in a supervised setting in a program involving both individual and group work. While medical institutions still comprise the bulk of CPE settings, CPE programs can be found in hospices, nursing homes, parish settings, prisons and military units – in short, wherever there is a need to support individuals as they journey through the crises and changes of life.

While institutions have viewed their participation in CPE as providing a very necessary place to prepare students to render pastoral care, they have also increasingly understood the value of CPE as a means of extending patient care in an era of cost constraints. Most often students in CPE augment the already existing services of institutions, but it is possible for an organization to provide services where none are currently available through this type of educational opportunity.

One of the helpful points about Clinical Pastoral Education with CCME is that there is no set program to be imposed upon an institution. Rather, the CPE program can be tailored to the unique needs of the institution and the specific setting where the program will take place.

Dr. Humphreys would look forward to discuss how a CPE program could expand opportunities in your unique location.