CPE “students” include seminarians, ministers, rabbis and other religious leaders, hospital and military chaplains as well as health care professionals and other non-ordained workers who desire to render holistic spiritual support to people in need.

With CCME, clinical sites for CPE will vary from the traditional to the innovative and creative. Placements may include hospitals, hospices, the parish church, retirement centers and even corporations where management sees the benefit of offering supportive services. CCME seeks to work with individual students to pair them up with the most fulfilling environment for their CPE experience, although in any given semester choices may be limited.

A full-time CPE unit consists of 400 hours which are divided into 300 clinical hours and 100 education hours. This will typically be 25-40 hours per week depending upon the unit and the number of weeks in the unit. CPE will be offered in the fall, spring and summer. CCME will also work with institutions to offer part-time programs for students who require them.

The program comprises hands-on clinical work with personal and group reflection and one-on-one supervision sessions with an ACPE supervisor.

The cost for one full unit of CPE will be $800 with an additional application fee of $50. Interested persons should complete an application available through the ACPE website at and mail it to CCME.

The ACPE CPE application is available at the bottom of this page.