"Clinical Pastoral Education through Caring Community Ministry Education better equips the spiritual caregiver to help the patient/individual with this caring approach: Better Questions, Better Listening, Better Affirmation, Better Chaplain."

--Richard Croxton, Parish Fall 2020

"I expected to gain experience and knowledge during my CPE unit, but I did not expect to gain such widely applicable spiritual and pastoral insights about others and myself. Even as familial tragedy struck during my placement, CCME was attentive and thoughtful as I navigated growing as a minister and caring for my family."

-- Peter Fraser-Morris, Fall 2019

"CCME has been a gift to me in my learning and growth. The clarity of expectation, the opportunities to learn and grow, and the availability of thoughtful supervision throughout allowed me to ask questions, try new techniques, discuss options, and be challenged in healthy ways. I'm certainly a better pastor for having engaged CPE through CCME."

-- Katie Carson Phillips, Fall 2019

"This unit of CPE has been valuable to my ministry training, we laughed, cried and learned together. Thank you, Dr. Humphreys.

--Annie Van Hook, Fall 2019

"Caring Community Ministry Education has provided a balanced and thoughtful study of the many disciplines needed for effective pastoral care. My time with Dr. Humphreys and members of this class was a valuable component of my continued growth in being a compassionate Chaplain and/or Pastoral Caregiver."

--Ben Yeanay, Summer 2019

"CPE with CCME is a life changing and eye opening experience that enhances self-awareness and provides necessary tools for empowering others toward spiritual and emotional healing and wholeness."

--Gwen Rodriguez, Summer 2019

"Caring Community Ministry Education CPE program has been the greatest experience I've had to date. I am glad that I chose to do my first unit of CPE with this organization. The Assignments were easy to understand but gave room to help us all grow in our knowledge of chaplaincy and ourselves. The environment was comfortable and relaxed and my group was amazing. Jan is a great supervisor who comes with years of experience to help challenge you and push you to your full potential. I would recommend this organization to anyone interested in CPE."

--Jessica L. Jenkins, Spring 2019

"For decades I have listened to CPE students complain about how ridiculous VCU/MCV CPE programs were. Take CPE with Dr. Humphreys at CCME instead! She is amazing and nationally recognized. With her recommendation I am headed to a 12-month CPE residency in Columbus, OH to be close to family. Love the curriculum, love the teacher, love the program. It is the best of all things CPE!

--James McNeal, Extended Unit 2018/19

"After three units of CPE with CCME, I look forward to returning for the fourth. I appreciate the honest feedback, the professional atmosphere, and the environment where I can sharpen my skills and become better equipped to do the job I love."

-- Trish Bracken Carter, Full unit with Dr. Humphreys, Fall 2018

"Training at CCME has provided me with theoretical resources, practical tools, and a community of accountability and support that was crucial for my personal and professional growth."

--Natalia Shulgina, Full Unit with Dr. Humphreys, Fall 2018

"The CPE program in my setting proved to be rewarding as it was instructed in a manner that was conducive to various learning styles. Psychologically I was blessed to be emptied only to be fulfilled with a greater awareness of who I am and who I can be as a servant in order to more effectively serve. This proved to be a counseling session in itself. I am thankful for the persons that surrounded me with guidance and support in their own way. Word of advice for group theory, check timid feelings, ego, and need for control at the door in order to release the baggage that could hinder fulfilling the purpose. We have them without realizing it."

--Barbara Cousar, Parish, half unit with Dr. James Bowers, Fall 2018

"I cannot imagine going into ordained pastoral ministry without first having done CPE. CPE has helped me to take a closer look at myself, my call, and how I am to be a caring presence in the world. I am so thankful for this opportunity."

--Mary Sullivan-Trent, Parish, half unit with Dr. James Bowers, Fall 2018

"CCME is a place where one can practice spirituality and encounter the divine in the middle of our mundane days, that will enable us to feel the presence of an astonishing God. As I chose to work with the dementia people, I consider myself as a fortunate learner for such profound and enriching experiences that I embraced all through my CPE unit 3 at CCME."

--Zack Katta, Westminster Canterbury, Richmond, Summer 2018

"This course was wonderful! You get a unique experience that differs from other CPE courses. You feel like you are constantly being challenged and you are learning something new every day. Once its all over you really feel like you have accomplished something worthwhile. Also, Jan is awesome.

--Lucas Cochran, Cedarfield, Summer 2018

"God single-handedly utilized Dr. Jan Humphreys and Caring Community, LLC to effectively change the way I viewed ministry as a whole. I am a better minister, chaplain and overall human being as a result. The lessons I have learned about myself, how to better relate to others and how to appreciate the beauty and glory of what is in front of me will stay with me forever. Thank you so much for heeding God's call and opening my eyes to my future in Christ."

--Rev. Ruth Anne Sawyer, Parish, Summer 2018

"I have done two units of CPE through CCME. The training I have received has been a valuable investment in sharpening my pastoral care skills while providing real-world experience."

--Trish Carter, Spring 2018, Cedarfield, plus one previous unit

"Doing CPE at the Caring Community Ministry Education Center, With Dr. Jan Humphreys, has been one of the most significant learning experiences of my life. I have grown tremendously in self-awareness and skills of ministry - and the relationships that I forged during those times will always stand out in my memory as a golden standard for a community that can sustain ministers on their journey."

--Natalia Shulgina, Spring 2018, Parish CPE

"CCME, like a ladder enables us to climb one step at a time towards achieving our life goals."

--Humphrey Muraya, Spring 2018, Parish CPE

"I genuinely agree with Ljupka Cvetanova who said, "Sheep don't need the shepherd to be what they are. The shepherd needs sheet to be what he/she is." In fact, as the Cross of Jesus Christ is the symbol of hope that connects the divinity with the humanity. Similarly, Shepherd's Staff is the symbol of uniting the Sheep with the Shepherd and vice versa. Henceforth, as I have profoundly experienced God's guidance all through CPE at CCME, I truly consider and believe the CCME as a symbol of Shepherd's Staff, which enables the divine connectivity between the Sheep and the Shepherd for sharing the unconditional love of Christ."

--Zaccheaus Katta, Spring 2018, Westminster Canterbury, Richmond

"With Jan's help I learned more about myself than I knew possible. After three units of CPE with Jan I will truly miss our weekly discussions...Through her careful and loving approach to teaching I came to know that I could and would make a difference in people's lives. All this would not have been possible without Jan's tough love, straight shooting, and good counsel."

--Gordon Meriwether, Ext 2017-18, plus two other units previously

"Caring Community CPE helped me to identify areas where I can improve my pastoral skills as well as reinforce my ministry strengths. Dr. Humphreys knows how to challenge, encourage, and affirm each person in order to make them much more skilled in pastoral care."

--Bart Dalton, Ext 2017-18, Parish

" I find the CPE journey through Caring Community Ministry Education to be extraordinary. I came to CCME CPE seeking knowledge and skill development and along with that I have gained hope and courage to do the work I believe I am called to do."

-- Florence Brooks, Ext 2017-18 and Spring 2017, Cedarfield CCRC

"I did two units of CPE program with CCME. It was a wonderful experience for me. Since I am from India, I had many challenges like language and cultural differences. But constant encouragement and support of Jan helped me to complete this course. Thank you for giving me an opportunity to build the skills for a competent chaplain. I am grateful to my peer groups and Beth Sholom, where I did my clinics."

--Fr. Sunil Paul Chiriyankandath, Ext. 2017-18, Richmond

"This CPE program has been extraordinary. The supervisors facilitate a safe space for a person to become a minister that is self-aware, emotionally intelligent, and excellent in what they do."

--Rev. Nikki Weikel, Ext. 2017-18, Dr. James Bowers, VA Beach

"I started Caring Community CPE program thinking I would learn all there was to learn about the world of chaplaincy. I am ending my first unit of CPE, thinking I learned more about myself than I expected in order to be a provider of care and support for others. The tables really did turn"!!!

--Cherese Parker-Freeman, Ext 2017-18, Dr. James Bowers, VA Beach

"CCME allowed me to explore who I was, my calling, while still actively working for the glory of God in my own community and for that I will forever be grateful."

--Brian Boettcher, Ext 2017-18, Dr. James Bowers, VA Beach

"Caring Community Ministry Education provided me with conceptual resources, practical skills, and relationships of accountability that enabled me to gain deeper appreciation of my strengths, greater insight into the growing edges of my personal and professional becoming, and a courage to start changing the limiting habits of belief and behavior in order to become a more effective and compassionate care-giver. It was a CPE experience at its best!"

-- Natalia Shulgina, Cedarfield, Fall 2017

"CPE with CCME has been an invaluable experience and I'm very grateful I had Dr. Humphreys as my supervisor. This experience not only taught me how to be a better chaplain with patients, but it also taught me things about myself that I didn't even know were there. This is an essential experience for anyone seeking ministry."

--Ashley Mather, INOVA Mount Vernon, Summer 2017

"Powerful, thorough and professionally executed, this CPE Unit 1 course has left me with a sense of direction, composure and confidence in my pastoral care environment. Dr. Bowers' vast experience and education is superior but even more, his ability to shepherd students with laser-point accuracy in a tender and nurturing way. Though the work was challenging and the bar set high, I felt deeply motivated to press through parts of myself I did not see were holding me back because Dr. Bowers created for me and for our group, a sense of safety and holiness in a professional setting."

--Jean Mackay Vinson, Westminster Canterbury Chesapeake, Norfolk program with Dr. James Bowers, Spring 2017

"The reputation of CPE program was not an exaggeration. It was a valuable experience beyond the ministry that allowed me to define me first before I serve others as a pastor. Learning from the curriculum and from each other on how to counsel people as a minister cannot be cultivated unless you attend CPE.

--James Kim, Parish CPE, Norfolk program with Dr. James Bowers, Spring 2017

"Caring Community Ministry Education provides a thoughtful study of the many disciplines needed for effective pastoral care. My time with Jan and the other students was a valuable component of my continued growth as an effective caregiver."

--Florence Brooks, Cedarfield CCRC, Spring 2017

"As I explore new ministry options the experience of CPE with Jan Humphreys and CCME has helped to clarify for me more clearly the role and expectations of chaplaincy. But, more importantly, it has helped me to understand myself more fully."

--Jennifer Turner, Westminster Canterbury Richmond, Spring 2017

"A great mix of challenge and flexibility. Lots of options for CPE sites. You have much to gain by working with Jan! 10/10."

-- Brian Bechtel, INOVA Fairfax, Spring 2017

"My experience at CCME was life-transforming. I entered the CPE unit not knowing what to expect, and completed the unit as a different pastor/person/chaplain than when I went in. I think every pastor, on every level, should do at least one unit of CPE, and they should consider CCME as the community through which they do it. You and your ministry will never be the same."

--Sean Lubbe, INOVA Fairfax, Extended 2016-2017

"CCME has deepened my self-awareness, widened my ability to sense other's needs,and strengthened my ability to provide pastoral care."

--Bart Dalton, First Baptist Church Richmond, Extended 2016-2017

"This unit of CPE training has amplified the need for refreshed pastoral care that prepares clergy to care for congregants, and helps the minister connect with the congregation."

-- Angelia Yancey, Covenant Woods CCRC, Extended 2016-2017

"A thoroughly engaging and growing process in self-awareness and skill development... form one-on-one sessions to group work to personal goals and evaluation of day-to-day ministry...I am a better pastor as a result of this experience."

--Emily Moore-Diamond, Warsaw UMC Parish CPE, Fall 2016

"I would have never grown and become the person I am today without the help of Jan Humphreys and the CPE course.

--Langdon Montgomery, Westminster Canterbury CCRC, Fall 2016

"I am so glad that I started my CPE with CCME!! I have learnt so much with this first unit. When my life settles down a bit, I will definitely continue and finish all four units!! Thank you, Dr. Jan and Dr. James!!"

--Rebecca Ing, St. Stephens Martyr Catholic Parish CPE, Fall 2016 Norfolk unit

"I appreciate the opportunity that was given, and the tools that were provided to help me complete my CPE assignments, and proceed to the next level in ministry."

--Janice Wiggins, Cedarfield CCRC, Fall 2016

"When I came to CCME 15 months ago I was in a mode that can best be described as "testing the waters" to see if this was for me. Here I am now having completed my 4th Unit: who could have imagined? Honestly, not me! But change always seems to be a part of life, and this has been good change, with Dr. Jan Humphreys playing such a big part in that. I have so appreciated Jan's consistent professionalism and persistent push for me to go deeper in my growth, and yet this has always been complemented by the balancing forces of encouragement and affirmation. I have found this program to be a high quality, well-balanced training for any of the people-helping professions and in particular for the provision of pastoral/spiritual care in the parish or clinical settings. I also find that my CPE experience has provided me with an opportunity for personal growth in self-awareness with a view toward healthier self-care as well as more effective care of others. As a result, I feel well prepared for the next phase of my life in ministry. On more than one occasion I have thought to myself "I wish I had done this (CPE) 30 years ago!" But now the way I see it is that I'm so grateful for this growth experience and its impact in the immediate present and also for all that it has prepared me for in the future!"

--Greg Houck - Westminster Canterbury of Richmond, 2016 - 2 units (winter and summer);

Bon Secours Health System 2015 - 2 units (summer and fall).

"Doing CPE at CCME helped me to learn more about myself and prepare myself for my future ministry."

--Keon Huh, INOVA Fairfax, summer 2016

"I am thankful to God for my journey in this CPE Program. This has been a wonderful and fulfilling learning experience. I am richer in ministry than I was on January 25, 2016. I give a special thanks to Dr. Humphreys for sharing your knowledge by giving me the opportunity to learn how to serve God's people more effectively and pastorally. I have a better understanding of my gifts in pastoral care, ministering to God's people, and of myself. My entire life has changed for the better because of my CPE experience and relationship with all of my fellow classmates. My prayer life is also much stronger and consistent; and I will keep each of you in my prayers.

--Rachel Satterfield, Bon Secours Regional Memorial Medical Center, spring 2016

"I appreciate the opportunity I have received from CCME. I am now more equipped than ever to provide comfort, care, and support to those that need it the most.

-- Janice Wiggins, Bon Secours St. Francis Medical Center, spring 2016

"I survived the first unit of CPE, and I keep coming back for more."

--EunSung Kim, Cedarfield - spring 2016

"I am pastor of a local church and I am just completing my second CPE unit with Jan. This program has helped me grow as a pastor and in providing pastoral care. Beyond this, the class has been helpful in my personal growth and development. I have had some significant crises in my life (grief, health & divorce). Through the work of CPE I am a healthier person. I fully recommend CCME to local church pastors and anyone else in ministry."

--Lloyd Braswell, Extended Unit 2015-2016, Parish CPE, unit 2

"The CPE journey has been one of the most transformative experiences of my life. I have gained skills in attending to the emotional, physical, mental, social, and spiritual needs of a person and bearing witness to their empowerment through a caring relationship. Jan is the consummate Chaplain, teacher and professional. She was, for me, (and continues to be) a competent and confidant woman role model who affirmed my strengths and challenged my growing edges. She journeyed with me from shyness to confidence in living out God’s calling on my life. During CPE and my time at CCME, I found my place, my voice and the fullness of my calling in ministering to senior adults, and particularly those in need of memory care."

--Katie Lovelace, Westminster Canterbury 2015 - 2 units - summer & fall, Bon Secours 2014/2015 2 units,

"CCME has been one of the greatest educational experiences in my life, where I have learned to live my theology through praxis in the clinical setting."

--EuSung Kim, Bon Secours Fall 2015

"Together we learn, in faith, to serve our neighbor, irrespective of gender, stage of life, faith or class."

-- Jerusha Joshua Moses, Bon Secours Fall 2015

"I began my CPE journey in January 2014 and completed my 5th (continuous) Unit as the Resident for Bon Secours in the Summer of 2015. My CPE journey has taken me through some of the roughest moments in my life, while shaping and molding me along the way. I could never say enough about how valuable the group experience has been for me on many levels. The priceless friendships and relationships that have been developed along the way have enriched me. The awesome and intentionally compassionate instruction from Dr. Humphreys is second-to-none. With an emphasis on education and not grades, it opens the student to the fullness of experiential learning. Dr. Humphreys coached, challenged, and cared for me as a student even as she expected me to do the same for my patients. She modeled what chaplaincy looked like in every class, which added to the overall experience. This CPE experience has not only enriched my personal life and my life as chaplain, but also my congregational care and leadership as well. I am a pastor of a local congregation and have served in this capacity for 9 years, yet the things I've learned have opened me to a refreshed way of thinking about the pastorate both administratively and of course in offering compassionate care to the congregants. I wouldn't trade my CPE journey for anything. The doors it has placed me before and the way it has equipped me to walk through those doors with confidence is immeasurable. I'm thankful to Dr. Humphreys, all my peers, the staff and leadership of Bon Secours, and especially all the patients and families who trusted me to care for them."

--Micah Jackson, Bon Secours Resident 8/2014-8/2015, plus two units before the residency Spring and Summer, 2014

"I am not the person I was a year ago. I have evolved and changed, stretched and grown in my pastoral identity. I have so many more skills for relating to others and a renewed commitment to the art of pastoral care. My own spirituality has been refined. I have learned how to be a compassionate presence with others and with myself. Thank you, Jan! Thank you my fellow group members! Thank you patients and staff of Bon Secours."

-- Debbie Carlton, 2015 Bon Secours Summer unit (4th unit)

"After a career in local church ministry followed by several years in the business world I was sensing a call to chaplaincy, but the prospect of a second midlife career change was daunting. Jan Humphreys of CCME has provided exactly the kind of guidance and training I needed to think it through and take steps toward an exciting new chapter of service."

--Greg Houck, 2015 Bon Secours Summer unit

"The experiences I have had through CCME in both clinical and the educational setting has helped me grow not only towards providing more loving and authentic pastoral care, but also helped me grow towards being a a more fuller human being embracing all of my vulnerability, weakness, and strength. The more authentically real I am in CPE, the more God uses me as a channel to help others."

-- EunSung Kim, 2015 Bon Secours Summer unit

"I had no idea that I needed to learn about me before I cold minister to others. I am stronger for the journey of CPE. It is hard to look inward and serve outward at the same time, but Jan has given me this valuable gift to sustain my ministry."

--Debbie Carlton, 2015 Bon Secours Spring unit

"For me, CPE continues to be one of the most challenging yet rewarding experiences. CPE requires work, and makes an investment. It unearths the very foundations of who one is and how those themes impact pastoral functioning. This experience stretches me, yet sustains me. It is a life-changing journey, which I believe is essential for all ministers.

--Katie Fowler Lovelace, 2015 Bon Secours Spring unit (2nd unit)

"After 26 years of life and a 20-week, two-unit archeological dig of the soul, it is only now that I am scratching the surface of the real me and living into my fullest potential; unearthing historical dynamics, establishing real boundaries, taking care of the precious artifact we call "self." CPE reminded me we are all living histories with changeable lenses, in control of living into a future we pen for ourselves, by the grace of God, with the guidance of the Holy Spirit.

--Brian Krohn, 2015 Bon Secours Spring unit (2nd unit)

"Having just completed my second of two units with Jan Humphreys at Caring Community Ministry Education, I more fully understand the choice of this name for her independent CPE center. Her years of experience as a supervisor and director of several CPE programs seems to have led her to create a community of caring professionals who develop their skills as pastoral caregivers by also caring for each other. Many of my colleagues in this unit intend to return for more units with Jan, thanks in no small part to the compassion with which she approaches Clinical Pastoral Education. This Caring Community is an asset to the spiritual care community in Richmond and beyond, and I am strengthened by being a part of it."

--Rev. Elizabeth Rickert Dowdy, M. Div., Beth Sholom, 2014/15 Extended unit

"I have been a pastor of a local church for 25 years. I have always had an interest in taking CPE but didn't think it was possible while serving as a pastor. Through CCME I was able to take a parish based extended unit of CPE. It worked great for my schedule and helped me grow personally and as a pastor."

-- Rev. Lloyd Braswell, Pastor, 2014/15 Extended unit

"My experience with CCME has been enlightening, challenging and life changing. As a result of my experience I feel that I am more capable of being a better person, partner, friend and minister. Anyone that chooses to enroll in a unit of CPE with Dr. Humphreys will be (gently) pushed and pulled into the authenticity of which you were created."

-- Ginny Banister, Covenant Woods, 2014/15 Extended unit

"I cannot say enough great things about the experience I had during my four units of CPE with Jan Humphreys through CCME. The entire experience was one of deep personal and spiritual growth and it has transformed my life and my ministry in amazing ways. CCME has truly been a reawakening of my soul and the potential I have to be a servant minister to others. I will always be indebted to Jan and the program for challenging me and helping me to reach new heights personally and professionally."

--Rich Catlett, 2013/2014 Bon Secours Resident

"CPE for me has been by far one of the hardest experiences I have ever had to weather. Yet, with the peace and reflection that our group was able to offer, and the guidance of our leaders, I was able to not only survive the experience but take away from it lessons that I will continue to work through for years and years to come."

--Christopher Tweel, Bon Secours Summer Program, Memorial, June - August 2014

"I may not be there yet, but I am closer than I was yesterday."

-- Tammy Cannon, Bon Secours Summer Program, Memorial, June - August 2014

"I have thoroughly appreciated my time completing the first unit of CPE. The experience and passion of the supervisor combined with a dynamic group experience has helped us to learn and grow from and with one another. I believe the experience of hospital visiting, plus the time for reflection and feedback, has helped me to feel more confident in my pastoral identity and will greatly help me in my future interactions with many types of people in need of emotional and spiritual care."

--Rachel Shows, INOVA Summer Program, Mount Vernon Hospital, June-August 2014

"This summer unit of CPE provided a challenge that led to rich personal and pastoral growth. It was not easy, but well worth the effort!

--Terrence Zecha, Inova Summer Program, Alexandria Hospital, June-August 2014

"Thank you CCME for giving me the opportunity to learn the pastoral functions of pastoral care and what carrying out those functions "looks like" as I seek to give care and be accountable for the shepherding of the inner life of the people of God."

--Donna Jones, Bon Secours Program, Spring 2014

"Over the two years with CCME and many peers, I have learned various compassionate listening skills, several spiritual assessment tools, effective interventions, and methods for tracking outcomes. This training has been invaluable to heal some of my own wounds as I work to become a more competent palliative care chaplain. In this fourth unit, I had the opportunity to research the physical, psychological, emotional, and spiritual effects of significant loss and share my insights with the group. My presentation was entitled 'Understanding Grief and How to Support those Grieving Loss.' Their project presentations also expanded my skills for pastoral care. I am grateful for this opportunity Rev. Jan Humphreys provided through her CPE program."

-- Susan Ward, INOVA Extended Program, Alexandria Hospital, October 2013-March 2014.

"CPE has been a wonderful growth filled experience. It has deepened my ministerial skills and the clinical experiences have made me a more faith filled person."

-- Terrence Zecha, INOVA Extended Program, Mt. Vernon Hospital, October 2013-March 2014.

" The CPE program has the power and methodology to open our heart to the book of life where we can contemplate God's presence in the patient, family and staff members, revealing to us his grace."

--Sister Judith Rojas, INOVA Extended Program, Providence Hospital, October 2013-March 2014

"Barbara Brown Taylor recalls in her memoir, Leaving Church, a discussion question from a retreat she attended. "What is saving your life today?" she remembers being asked. Truly, this first unit of CPE with Jan has been saving my life for the past few months. Having the opportunity to connect with a group of people engaged in the kind of service and learning opportunities that bring me satisfaction and joy has strengthened and renewed me. Jan approaches CPE supervision with professionalism and compassion. I look forward to a second unit with CCME."

-- Elizabeth Dowdy, Richmond Community Program, Johnston-Willis, October 2013-March 2014.

"Before CPE, I knew some about the aging. Still, that limited knowledge at times struck me with paralysis and fear in what to say and do. By the completion of the unit, I believed I now had the tools to face challenges and overcome demons, and become a much more preprared and equipped pastor. Now, I am no longer ruled by fear, but by the confidence that while I don't always have the answers, I do have the ability to be present. That is powerful."

--Will Waller, Richmond Community Program, Covenant Woods, October 2013-March 2014

"At best, the CPE experience can help emerging pastors and helping professionals, in a nurturing environment, to explore potential hindrances that may diminish their ability to provide effective care. CCME provides such an experience. Jan takes great care to both challenge and affirm students in order for personal and professional growth to occur. I highly recommend CCME for students hoping for an excellent CPE experience that will lead to personal and professional growth."

--Andy Morgan, Bon Secours, Summer 2013

"I had the privilege of completing 5 units of CPE with Jan and CCME. I found the experience to be pivotal in my personal and professional journey. Jan designs the group work in ways that not only nurtures pastoral formation, but also prepares students for future requirements necessary for Board Certification. I am grateful for my experience with CCME and know that it has prepared me well for my work as a chaplain."

--Amy Patteson Holtz, Bon Secours, Fall 2011-Summer 2013

"The only way to do CPE is through CCME!"

--Will Compton, INOVA, Summer 2013

"I am extremely grateful to have been a part of this CPE experience with such a diverse and dedicated group of men and women. Our ability to trust one another in disclosing personal and intimate aspects of our lives contributed to establishing avenues of growth and personal understanding that will forever have an influence in my personal and professional life."

--Richard Smith, Bon Secours, Summer 2013

"I honor CCME's mission which enables me to place all of what I am, to ministering to God's people with respect and compassion. CCME starts its mission in the deepest core of ourselves and encouraging us to move out, filling the suffering world with hope and healing presence."

-- Sr. Judith Rojas, Providence Hospital, Spring 2013

"CCME has nurtured, promoted growth, and brought forth new pastoral skills in my life. I have become a better pastor and caregiver because of this CPE program. Dr. Jan Humphreys is a professional that knows how to uncover your hidden gifts and talents. Thank you."

--Brenda Smith-Braam, Bon Secours St. Mary's Hospital, Spring 2013

"The experience of working with my group and Rev. Dr. Jan Humphreys has been tremendous. I can see that I have grown in my pastoral skills. This includes improved listening to others and the many different stories they have to share. The experiences ranging from the verbatims to the Genogram have assisted me with my future goals and how I reflect on the past. Dr. Humphreys created a safe, challenging, demanding environment where we could all grow as a group, as pastors and as chaplains as well as individuals. I would highly recommend any one in the field to study under her give the opportunity."

--Kevin Newcomer, Providence Hospital, Spring 2013

"CPE with Caring Community Ministry Education (CCME) has been a valuable part of my studies in pursuit of a Master of Arts in Pastoral Counseling (MAPC) degree. CCME provides a safe environment in which to learn and grow in one's abilities to provide quality pastoral care to pateints. Rev. Dr. Jan Humphreys is exceptionally qualified to provide supervisory oversight for the CPE program because of her expereince and credentials as a pastor, counselor, and hospital chaplain."

--Jeanne Henifin, INOVA Alexandria Hospital, Extended 2012-2013

"Over the past five months, Rev. Jan Humphreys of CCME and my fellow interns supported my growth in becoming a more competent chaplain during my third unit of CPE. The level 2 project was valuable as it was an opportunity to explore in depth pastoral care for the chronically ill who often call upon a chaplain for spiritual support. I am grateful for the chance to become whom I am called to be."

--Susan Ward, INOVA Alexandria Hospital, Extended 2012-2013

"I am blessed to have completed my first Clinical Pastoral Education Unit at Providence Hospital in Washington, DC, under the direction of Dr. Jan Humphreys. Jan is an anointed minister and gifted instructor. Throughout all of my training, I have grown spiritually and professionally. The training is intense, challenging, holistic, participatory, and spiritually enriching. The clinical hours and the interpersonal contact with my group enables me to see myself as others see me. This was a tremendous learning and 'eye opening' experience for me. I enter into unit 2 with the expectation that I will continue to grow in grace and try to image Christ in all that I do. I remain open to the Holy Spirit continuing to move in my life."

--Thelma Lucas, Providence Hospital, Fall 2012

"The CPE Program is a fantastic experience of growth, beginning with the heart, where we can find the transformation power and the source of love to be a healing presence in the midst of human pain.

--Sr. Judith Rojas, Providence Hospital, Fall 2012

"CCME has contributed to my growth and development. Jan brings a wealth of experience to make this program a worthwhile experience. It has helped integrate my experience, background, strengths and weakness into becoming a better care giver."

--Victor Ojo, St. Mary's Bon Secours Hospital, Fall 2012